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If you recently bought a vehicle in Ohio or moved to the Buckeye State, you need to complete a title transfer in your name. You’ll also need to transfer ownership if you received a vehicle as a gift. The seller will complete the back of the original title’s “assignment of ownership” and you can become the official owner. The purchase price and odometer mileage info are also needed.

With eTags online, all you need for an in-state title transfer in Ohio is the original title, a completed form BMW 3374 which will easily populate online, and proof of driver’s license. Please note, the title must be notarized.

Instead of going to a County Clerk of Courts Title Office for your title transfer and the Deputy Registrar License Agency for your registration, eTags can take of the entire process for you. All online. For titles only, out-of-state driver licenses are accepted, but for registration you must have an Ohio license.

If you wish to register your vehicle in Ohio at the time of title transfer, we’ll just need a bit more information such as copy of your Ohio auto insurance and emissions certificate if applicable. Seven counties in The Buckeye State require regular smog vehicle inspection regular biennially. Certificates can be confirmed online.

When you buy a vehicle in Ohio, you must pay a sales and use tax on it. There’s a minimum of 5.75% sales tax rate. Plus, you need to pay taxes to the county after you purchase your vehicle; those rates add an extra 2%. In fact, in Berea sales tax is 8%.

The average shelf life of a vehicle in Ohio is 11.6 years. If you’re trading in a car the sales tax applies to $5000 of your vehicle. This means there’s no sales tax on your vehicle's trade-in value over $5000. Please note, the Buckeye State taxes car purchases before applying dealership rebates and/or incentives, so taxes are based on full amount of car.

To avoid late fees, make sure you transfer the title into your name within 30 days of purchase. For the transfer of ownership, you need the original title not a photocopy. You must also disclose if you have a lien holder.

Should you choose to have a 45-day Ohio temporary tag issued, you have to get it before transferring the vehicle title into your name. Once an Ohio title is established, you can only get permanent Ohio license plates and registration.

If you’re registering your vehicle at the time of title transfer, you need to have Ohio auto insurance coverage. To transfer ownership from seller to buyer, the original title has to be signed by both parties, as well as notarized. Don’t forget, seven counties require emissions inspection though E-Check every other year (biennial).

If transferring an out-of-state title, a change of ownership on a car requires a vehicle identification number (vin) inspection, which can be done at a Ohio deputy registrar license agency or any licensed Ohio motor vehicle dealership