Title Replacement in Ohio

Lost or stolen title? Get a duplicate paper title or have an electronic one printed.

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Automated Paperwork Online

As you answer a few questions about your vehicle such as make/model, VIN number and yourself, the application for duplicate title form gets completed. Nothing extra to do on your end!

Out-of-State Shipping

If you’re away from home, eTags can mail out your title replacement to anywhere you’d like–even if the address doesn’t match what the DMV has on file. All we need is proof of residency!

Assistance Resolving Issues

Some title replacement require a little bit more attention, our title specialists could help resolve issues that may be stopping you from getting a duplicate title for your vehicle like a lien.

Payment Options, Even Over Time

eTags accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, PayPal Pay In 4 for split payments, and PayPal Credit so everyone could enjoy the perks of managing their vehicles paperwork online.

No title, no problem! Get your Ohio duplicate title with eTags online. Fast processing, contactless, and mailed right to your door.

Unlike the Ohio BMW that can ship your title only to the address you have on file with them, eTags can ship your title replacement anywhere you’d like even out-of-state or an Ohio business address. We also offer multiple payment plans for duplicate titles including paying over time with split payments and PayPal credit.

Our secure web application allows for a more streamlined and customer-friendly experience when handling the typically complex paperwork involved when buying or selling all types of vehicles from cars to trucks, motorcycles, and more.

A duplicate title also called a title replacement is needed when a vehicle title can’t be found or has been destroyed. This type of situation usually arises when someone wants to sell their car, SUV, motorcycle or other vehicle. In order to sell your Ohio vehicle, you need a title to transfer its ownership to your buyer.

If you lost your title, misplaced it and can’t locate it, or even got the title stolen, you need to apply for a title replacement. Another, less likely however, reason for duplicate title is if the title you have has errors on it such as misplaced signatures.

If you recently bought a vehicle and lost the title that was just signed over to you, you can try to ask the seller to order a replacement title with eTags then have them transfer and sign it over to you though a title transfer service online. If you bought a car or motorcycle without a title and you can’t find the seller again or he/she isn’t willing to complete a duplicate title order, the Ohio BMV recommends you contact a county title office, which reviews no-title purchases on a case-by-case basis.

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