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Standard Motor Vehicles

The state of Florida requires owner’s of standard motor vehicles to renew their registration every year and by their birthday. Some may be eligible to renew their registration for 2 years so in that case the renewal cycle would be adjusted, but still fall on the registered owner’s birthday.

Business-Owned Vehicles & More

If a standard motor vehicle is owned by more than one individual, the registration must be renewed by the birthday of the first individual listed on the registration. Standard motor vehicles owned by a business will require that the registration be renewed every year and by the last day of the specific month listed.

Auto Insurance Required

This month will be established during the first registration process. Regardless of ownership of a standard motor vehicle like cars and trucks, auto liability insurance is required upon registration and subsequent renewals of these vehicles.

Motorcycles Registration

Every year, a motorcycle owner must renew their registration by the specified registration month. This month is established during the first registration process. In regard to insurance, the state of Florida does not require motorcycles owners to obtain coverage, but failure to do so could result in suspension of your motorcycle license, among other things, if you're involved in a crash.

Commercial Vehicles

If you own a commercial vehicle, you must renew the registration every 6 months on May 31 and December 31. However, some registrations can be renewed once a year by December 31. These dates and deadlines all depend on the use and classification of the vehicle. you're required to have insurance to register and renew a commercial vehicle.

Mobile Homes and RVs

The registration for a RV or motor home must be renewed by December 31 every single year. Owners have 31 days before the deadline to renew registration. The registration for a mobile home may be renewed for a period of 2 years, but the day and month required for next renewal doesn't change.


Any motorized vessel used on Florida’s public waterways must have the registration renewed by the owner’s birthday or in July, if owned by a company or dealer. However, there are exceptions. These include:

  • Vessels owned by the U.S. Government
  • Vessels used as life boats
  • Any vessel that's categorized as non-resident boats used on Florida's waterways for 90 days or less

Although recommended, registered vessels aren't required to maintain any level of insurance.

Replacement Certificates, Stickers, and Plates

When you renew your registration with, you’ll receive a free replacement of your certificate, plate, or sticker should they get stolen or got lost. Obtaining a duplicate copy of any of these items through the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department will require that you pay an additional fee for the replacements.

Obtaining New License Plates Every 10 years

Florida law states that the license plates on a vehicle must be replaced every 10 years. The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles renewal notice will indicate whether you need to completely replace the plates or you just need to renew the registration.

E-Titles are usually issued to vehicles purchased at a dealership. The owner can request a paper copy of the title at any time for a $10 fee. If the owner maintains their title in electronic form and needs to sell the vehicle, they'll need to request a paper copy to transfer the title from the tax collector’s office.

There are many variables that influence the cost of renewing your vehicle’s registration like the type of vehicle, its weight, the length of renewal (12 or 24 months), additional county-specific fees, and lease fees if they apply. If your county of residence is one that issues notices, you can see the exact fees for your registration renewal there. The FLHSMV site provides the following list of fees for motor vehicle registration:

Weigh, Use, & Type Fees
License Taxes-motorcycles $10.00
License Taxes-moped $5.00
Antique motorcycle $7.50
Antique automobile $7.50
Automobiles (Net weight up to 2,499 pounds) $14.50
Automobiles (2,500 - 3,499 pounds) $22.50
Automobiles (3,500 or more pounds) $32.50
Trucks (Net weight up to 1,999 pounds) $14.50
Trucks -based on weight (2,000 - 3,000 pounds) $22.50
Trucks -based on weight (3,001 - 5,000 pounds) $32.50
Goat Truck $7.50
Antique Truck $7.50
Heavy Truck (5,001 - 5,999 pounds) $60.75
Heavy Truck (6,000 - 7,999 pounds) $87.75
Heavy Truck (8,000 - 9,999 pounds) $103.00
Heavy Truck (10,000 - 14,999 pounds) $118.00
Heavy Truck (15,000 - 19,999 pounds) $177.00
Heavy Truck (20,000 - 26,000 pounds) $251.00
Heavy Truck (26,001 - 34,999 pounds) $324.00
Heavy Truck (35,000 - 43,999 pounds) $405.00
Heavy Truck (44,000 - 54,999 pounds) $773.00
Heavy Truck (55,000 - 61,999 pounds) $916.00
Heavy Truck (62,000 - 71,999 pounds) $1,080.00
Heavy Truck (72,000 or more pounds) $1,322.00
Heavy Truck/Tractor 150 mile radius $324.00
Heavy Truck/Tractor (Agriculture 150 miles) $87.75
Heavy Truck/Tractor $324.00
Semitrailers; School Buses; Special Purpose $13.50
Semitrailers; School Buses; Special Purpose $68.00
Special Purpose Vehicles $44.00
School Buses $41.00
Weigh, Use, & Type Fees
Wrecker $41.00
Other Wreckers (10,000 - 15,000 pounds) $118.00
Other Wreckers (15,000 - 20,000 pounds) $177.00
Other Wreckers (20,000 - 26,000 pounds) $251.00
Other Wreckers (26,000 - 35,000 pounds) $324.00
Other Wreckers (35,000 - 44,000 pounds) $405.00
Other Wreckers (44,000 - 55,000 pounds) $772.00
Other Wreckers (55,000 - 62,000 pounds) $915.00
Other Wreckers (62,000 - 72,000 pounds) $1,080.00
Other Wreckers (72,000 or more pounds) $1,322.00
Hearse or ambulance $40.50
Motor vehicles for hire (under 9 passengers) $17.00
cwt (weight per hundred pounds) $1.50
Motor vehicles for hire (over 9 passengers) $17.00
cwt (weight per hundred pounds) $2.00
Trailers for private use (under 500 lbs) $6.75
Trailers for private use (over 500 lbs) $3.50
cwt (weight per hundred pounds) $1.00
Trailers for hire (under 2000 lbs) $3.50
cwt (weight per hundred pounds) $1.50
Trailers for hire (over 2000 lbs) $13.50
cwt (weight per hundred pounds) $1.50
Recreational Vehicles (5th wheel) $27.00
Recreational Vehicles (camping trailer) $13.50
Recreational Vehicles (under 4,500lbs) $27.00
Recreational Vehicles (over 4,500 lbs) $47.50
Dealer and Manufacturer License Plate $17.00
Exempt/Official License Plates $4.00
Locally Operated Motor Vehicles for hire $17.00
cwt (weight per hundred pounds) $2.00
Transporter $101.25
Commercial Motor Vehicle Surcharge on vehicles 10,000 lbs or more $10.00
Original/Replacement License Plate Fee $28.00
Initial Registration Fee $225.00
Renewal Late Fee $5 to $250