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Registration Renewals

Let eTags help you renew your registration online, not in line! Our easy-to-use, online service makes registration renewals a fast and convenient process. Choose your state to get started.

Duplicate Titles

Lost your vehicle’s title or need to have your electronic one printed? Let eTags help you process the necessary paperwork with an easy-to-use online application. No DMV lines here!

Title and Register

Did you recently buy a new or used vehicle or move to a new state? eTags can help with getting your vehicle (re)titled and registered. Get your new registration shipped directly to you.

eTags simplifies complex DMV transactions for US drivers and businesses with user-friendly technology and online services. Save time with our contactless tag and title transfers, registration renewals, ownership transfers, title replacements and new plate registrations.
  • Transfer a title and register a vehicle without going to a DMV office
  • Sign forms digitally and view order updates online via any device
  • Dedicated support available by phone, email, text, and chat
See how easy it is to process your tags and titles online.
Our website is expertly designed to be viewed and used on any type of internet-enabled device. Renew your vehicle registration, search for insurance quotes, and more on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone on
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Over 2 Million Drivers Have Chosen eTags For Their Fast, Easy Vehicle Registration and Title Needs.

Great that i can renew my DMV online as its a long weekend and i just found out that all AAA and DMV offices are closed ! This is a life saver ...

Lyn Y K


Great site, easy to use and straight to the point. Plus, it is so much easier than standing in line down town. Thanks for the great srevice

Albert B


Quick, no lines, no rush, no problem at all. Easy to complete renewal meanwhile I enjoy my time.



I love e-tags. You guys make it so easy, I just wish that all states had something like this. You rock!

Chris H


Well I'm so busy with my daycare and I forgot to renew my tag and it was just awesome that I could do it so quickly on line. This is very convenient.

Melanie G


Really Impressed with the way things went, and I appreciated the chance to donate to a charity. I think you guys are on the RIGHT track keep up the grate work! Matt Barnes US Navy Submarine Veteran

Matthew B


I just took a job in another area of Florida and don't have permanent residence established yet. This feature helped me get my vehicle registration without having to make a 3 1/2 hour trip to my county. Thanks so much!

Scott D


create company to work with. last year i placed the order and it was quickyl processed. the follow up email was great. thank you

Niliette B


I Like this service it's "GREAT" it was fast and easy, and I am pleased to know that your company offers this service. Especially for people like me, who has physical issues and can't always make it to DMV!!!

Delores C


Great experience thus far. Registered another vehicle yesterday and have been happy with the communication and response. Your service definitely took some weight off my shoulders.

Alexander N



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