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eTags provides fast and easy online vehicle registration services. Enjoy a refreshing alternative to the DMV, skip the long line and frustrations, and renew your vehicle registration on today! eTags currently offers vehicle registration renewal services in California, Florida, Maryland and we will be expanding to more states very soon.
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Faster Processing

You don't have to take time out of your day and stand in line for your vehicle tags. Let eTags process your vehicle registration renewal faster, online.

A Printable eTag

Once your order is shipped, you can print a PDF copy of your registration certificate sent via email to carry with you while you wait for your hard copy to arrive.

Registration Certificate Replacement

If you lose your vehicle's registration certificate, we provide a free one time replacement for every year you renew through us.

Sticker or Plate Replacement

If your sticker or plate is stolen, we send you a replacement for FREE* for every year you renew your registration through us.

*Police report must be filed

Annual Reminders

We send you annual reminders (and a Happy Birthday) when it comes time to renew again. You can even request to receive bi-annual reminders or cancel all email reminders if you prefer.

Assistance Resolving Registration Issues

There are several issues that can prevent you from being able to renew your registration like a suspend license, parking tickets and more. We help you identify those issues and resolve them.

Customer Service and Support

We provide comprehensive support over the phone or via email Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm to assist you with order status and more. Our friendly customer service staff will answer any questions you have and help resolve issues.

Out of State Shipping

If you prefer shipment of your renewed registration to a state other than where your vehicle is registered, we gladly accommodate that request without additional charge or shipment fees.

Every year, you must renew your car's registration on or before your expiration date. For automobiles registered to a company, this date may be the original date of registration or a specific date set by the state. Important information for all drivers and vehicle owners to know about registration renewals:

Fees and Forms

Registration renewal fees and the required forms vary by state. Fees are determined based upon a number of different factors including the vehicle make, its weight, the intended use and more.

Renewal Reminders

While many counties issue annual reminders by mail, this is not a requirement in any state. eTags customers automatically receive renewal reminders by email for which preferences can be modified.

Renewal Periods

States provide a grace period of 30 to 90 days before the expiration date allowing residents to renew their tags. With eTags, renew anytime within your grace period online.

Multiple Year Renewal

Many states offer the option to renew for 2 or even 3 years. Once renewed for an extended period, the fees are non-refundable even if the car is sold within that period.


If your registration certificate, license plate, or tag sticker is lost or stolen, you must obtain a replacement. These must almost be replaced if they are damaged and illegible.

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