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  Lyn Y K
Great that i can renew my DMV online as its a long weekend and i just found out that all AAA and DMV offices are closed ! This is a life saver ...
  Albert B
Great site, easy to use and straight to the point. Plus, it is so much easier than standing in line down town. Thanks for the great srevice
Quick, no lines, no rush, no problem at all. Easy to complete renewal meanwhile I enjoy my time.
  Chris H
I love e-tags. You guys make it so easy, I just wish that all states had something like this. You rock!
  Melanie G
Well I'm so busy with my daycare and I forgot to renew my tag and it was just awesome that I could do it so quickly on line. This is very convenient.
  Matthew B
Really Impressed with the way things went, and I appreciated the chance to donate to a charity. I think you guys are on the RIGHT track keep up the grate work! Matt Barnes US Navy Submarine Veteran
  Scott D
I just took a job in another area of Florida and don't have permanent residence established yet. This feature helped me get my vehicle registration without having to make a 3 1/2 hour trip to my county. Thanks so much!
  Niliette B
create company to work with. last year i placed the order and it was quickyl processed. the follow up email was great. thank you
  Delores C
I Like this service it's "GREAT" it was fast and easy, and I am pleased to know that your company offers this service. Especially for people like me, who has physical issues and can't always make it to DMV!!!
  Alexander N
Great experience thus far. Registered another vehicle yesterday and have been happy with the communication and response. Your service definitely took some weight off my shoulders.
I love being able to renew online! Thank you for having the option.
  Terrence gil Bustamante
It is a great experience
  Nancy Lacaria
I was in Va because of a family emergency when my tags expired. When I got home I panicked when I realized my tags had expired. Renewing through eTags was so quick and easy. I received my new registration and stickers so quick.
Great service and excellent customer service
  BMG Baltimore
👍🏾 thank you for the update. I love amer
  william sergeant
Fast efficient and accurate
  Richard B
just heard on radio this morning about someone going to DMV and waiting eight hours----not in Florida. I find my experiences to be spectacular. ..competent and professional!
Fast service.
  Cheryl Hallam
E-tags found out Lien Holder still on Title. So I called them up and they finally had their name removed. I then waited 3 wks and applied for my Title. And after paying fee, received it in mail. Took me almost a year. But thank you e-tags for finding out why I never received it.
  Adair McCall III
New Tag and Registrations received in a very timely manner.
  Miriam C
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  Paul H
Could not afford my tags. Used Affirm. Got them quickly. Thanks!
  John Q P
I was not able to locate my registration on the official web site. Found it here. Was twice as expensive, but it worked. Geez, the Gov charges us money for nothing, then can't even keep up with their own records. The government sucks.
  Christian V
First time using etags, good experience. Fast delivery
  Eileen B
Very good easy online renewal. Thank you for your assistance.
  Gloria D
It was quick and easy no problem getting my registration
  Harry S
Great service- eliminates the need to stand in line!
  Hector B
I owed tolls and once i paid my fees they shipped out and notified me when it was arriving. Love the fact they sent you a copy to youre email in case getting pulled over or you lose it and you could request another one it you do lose youre physical one.
  Ervin B
Fast easy my registration came in a week after they recieved payment
  Richard R
Very Satisfied. For whatever reason, we missed the notification to the renew our tags. When recognized that our tag has not been renewed, we renewed online and right away we received notification that our payment has been received and new Registration Certificate.