Vehicle Registration Renewal in
Maryland with eTags

Renew Maryland Vehicle Registration Online

Complete your Maryland tag renewal online for MD registration perks like these:

  • Instant fees check using your plate or title number with a secure online checkout process, so you can renew your Maryland registration fast and with peace of mind
  • Option to renew for 1 year instead of 2 in case you plan to sell the vehicle, move out of state, or for any other reason
  • Option to pay Maryland vehicle registration and service fees with any major credit card or via PayPal Credit, so you can pay over time
  • A free digital copy of the registration card, or eTag, that can be printed and used temporarily while you wait for your renewal sticker and card in the mail

Tag Cycles, Fees, Flags, Emissions Testing And More

Registration Renewal Cycles in Maryland

When you register your vehicle with the MVA for the first time, your initial registration date becomes your expiration date. That’s the date by which you must renew your Maryland car registration; every one or two years 60 days prior to expiration. However, Maryland boat registrations expire on December 31 and must be renewed every other year.

Maryland Tag Renewal Fees

Registration renewal fees vary based on several factors including the weight of the vehicle, its intended use, and whether or not you have a specialty plate. You can use the eTags system to see if you're in your renewal period and what amounts are owed. The MVA doesn't charge a penalty for late renewal, but you can be fined by another agency if your vehicle is in a public area without valid tags.

MD Registration Flags

A registration flag can be placed on a vehicle by an authorized entity because of an unresolved issue such as: unpaid parking tickets, speeding or red light violations, insurance compliance failure, and more. The MVA vehicle registration flag must be removed before you can renew. Please contact our support team for information on how to resolve registration flag.

MD Emissions Testing

You're required to have your vehicle undergo emission testing every two years. It usually coincides with your Maryland tag renewal period. About 60 days before the deadline by which your vehicle should be tested, you'll receive a test notice from the MVA. You can find a testing station near you.

Maryland Auto Insurance Requirements

All motor vehicles aside from boats, ATVs, scooters, and mopeds are required to be insured with a minimum of $30,000 for bodily injury, $15,000 property damage, and other requirements based on the number of people on the policy. A flag may be placed on your registration or it may be suspended if minimum requirements for insurance are not met and reported to the MVA.

MD Registration Replacements & Copies

If you've already renewed with the MVA, registration replacements can be ordered if your registration card, renewal stickers, or plate get lost, stolen, or damaged. This request can be made online as well as by mail, or in person with this form. The replacement fee for the card and sticker is $5. Fo a replacement plate, the fee is $20.