Boat Registration Renewal

Boat Registration Renewals Made Easy with eTags

Want to renew your boat’s registration online? Skip the visit to the DMV and use our fast and easy renewal engine! If you need to renew your trailers registration as well, we can process that for you. Own a car, motorcycle, or RV and need to renew the registrations for those vehicles too? The eTags renewal engine can handle all of those in one, simple order. After you complete your online boat registration renewal through us, you’ll receive:
  • A digital copy via email that you can print and carry with you until your hard copy and boat registration sticker(s) arrive
  • One replacement for your sticker or decal and plate if it is lost or stolen* (police report must be filed)
  • Comprehensive customer support available Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm EST

Renewing Your Vessel’s Registration in Your State

The length of time a boat registration is valid depends on the state as does the required renewal period. In Florida, boat registrations must be renewed every year on your birthday or in July if registered to a company. In California, it’s every other year by December 31st. No matter the month, length of registration or the agency in charge of vessel registration renewals, know your state’s requirements and procedures so that you can navigate the seas and waterways without issues.

Tips for Boat Owners in Every State

Owning a boat can be an amazing experience but it also comes with many responsibilities. In addition to the duties associated with maintaining a boat like regular cleaning and proper docking, many states require that additional responsibilities be addressed like:

Education requirements

Some states require that you become licensed or obtain certification to operate a vessel. States may look to private organizations to provide both the training and required certification or licensing. Visit your state’s official agency charged with vessel registration records to see if this is a requirement and, if so, who to contact.


Safety requirements

Some if not most parts of the boat licensing or certification education courses will address safety topics. Beyond the safety information provided by these courses, many states will require that you adhere to additional safety requirements such as keeping enough life jackets on board for every passenger on the vessel.


Boat Insurance

Not all states require that you have boat insurance but for those that do, you must maintain an active policy and know your states minimum requirements for coverage. Even if your state does not require that you have boat insurance, it might be worth looking into. The cost can be reasonable and coverage comprehensive.