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How to Transfer a Car Title in Florida

A private sale or purchase will require the buyer to handle this process in person at a local tax collector or DMV office. For those just moving to the state and needing to transfer the title of their vehicle to Florida, the following steps also apply.

  • Certificate of Title - If the previous owner has the paper copy of the title, they can simply fill out the section “Transferring Title by Seller” and hand to the buyer who will also sign the title. If the previous owner does not have the paper copy, then a duplicate can be obtained by the seller beforehand by filling out HSMV Form 82101.
  • Application for Certificate of TitleThis form is to be complete by the buyer and turned in along with the signed title at the local DMV or tax collector’s office. If a duplicate of the title must be obtained at the time the transfer is being done, this form can be used but the seller must also be present.
  • Other Documents – Although not required, it is highly recommended for the protection of both parties that a bill of sale and/or lien satisfaction form is completed so that any financial or legal responsibilities for either party do not affect the other.
  • Insurance Affidavit – If you are registering the vehicle at the time of the transfer (obtaining a license plate, decal, and registration car), you will need to present proof of insurance and complete the insurance affidavit form.
  • For Out-of-State Titles - The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and odometer reading must be verified by filling out the HSMV 82042 form.
  • Fee Payment – The required fee to transfer a title ranges from $75 to $89 depending on whether the title being transferred is from in-state or out and whether there are any liens on the car’s title, and whether the process involves a paper or electronic title. Additionally, if the buyer is registering the vehicle at the time the title transfer is done, an initial registration fee of $225 will be required as well as a registration tax based on the vehicle’s weight and use.

Dealer Purchases

Whether the car you are buying from a dealer is used or new, the dealer will normally take care of all the needed paperwork to transfer the title into your name. Dealerships usually charge a service fee for this on top of the DMV cost associated with a Florida title transfer. While most of the transactions done by dealers or their agency go through without issue, it is important for a buyer to follow up with the Florida DMV directly to assure the transfer process was successfully completed

Also, if you are financing the automobile, the creditor will be listed on the title until the lien is satisfied. After the last payment is made, another title transfer will take place but this time it is to transfer ownership solely to you.

Electronic Titles

E-Titles are usually issued to vehicles purchased at a dealership. The owner can request a paper copy of the title at any time for a $10 fee. If the owner maintains their title in electronic form and needs to sell the vehicle, they will need to request a paper copy to transfer the title from the Tax Collector’s office.

How Much Does It Cost to Transfer a Car Title in Florida?

Vehicle and Motor Home Title Transfer fees No Liens1 Lienold
Transfer original title issued in another state or country (Private use vehicles)$85.25$87.25
Transfer original title issued in another state or country (For Hire vehicles)$64.25$66.25
Transfer title to new owner (Private use vehicles)$75.25$77.25
Transfer title to new owner (For Hire vehicles)$54.25$56.25
Vessel Title Transfer fees No Liens1 Lienold
Transfer original title issued in another state or country$9.25$10.25
Transfer title to new owner $5.25$6.25

*An additional $2.50 fee will apply if the transfer is for an electronic title (e-title). Only one transfer fee is required in situations of both a name and state transfer (higher fee applies). For additional information on title and lien fees, click here.