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If you bought a vehicle, inherited one, or got one as a gift, transfer the title and register it online. No DMV lines with eTags! You can also add/remove owners from the title, or when moving to Connecticut.

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Skip the trip to the CT department of motor vehicles and join over 2 million drivers who have already used our handy app. Transfer ownership and get tags for your vehicle right from your mobile phone.

With eTags’ online title transfer and registration, you can get a new Connecticut license plate or transfer a plate you already own. Simply submit your VIN number, and let us know where you want your paperwork mailed.

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Title Plus Registration, All In One App With eTags Online

Your Connecticut vehicle title transfer is for establishing ownership, while your registration certificate is needed for legally driving in CT. With eTags, you can get all the paperwork done online to get behind the wheel:

No DMV appointment needed, all done on app

Shipping to every city in the U.S., even if address isn’t filed with DMV

Free digital registration card for temporary use

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If you recently bought a car or had one gifted, you need to complete a title transfer application to legally become the car’s owner. If your vehicle was given to you as a gift, you won’t have to sales or use tax on it in CT. But an AU 463 Form known as “gift declaration” has to be signed by your donor.

When you use eTags title transfer online, you can register it too and get your tags delivered right at home or anywhere else you want your card shipped. If you’re selling your vehicle, make sure to sign the reverse side of your title before giving it to the new owner. A bill of sale can also be great for your own records. Just include the description of vehicle, sale price and date.

Once your title has been transferred into your name, you then need to register the vehicle so you can drive it on public roads. Without tags, you can’t drive your car, SUV, truck or any other vehicle. That’s why eTags online processes titles and registrations together. You get to choose if you want a new Connecticut license plate, or transfer the one you already have from another vehicle. Plus, we’ll need your VIN number and an address confirmation.

eTags online processes titles and registration for new residents to Connecticut. If you recently moved and brought your vehicle with you, the Constitution State requires you to title your car in Connecticut. Once residency is established, you have 90 days to transfer your vehicle registration. This requires an emissions test or VIN check, depending on the model year of your vehicle. 2017 models and older need an emissions test done.

If you’re leasing your vehicle from another state, you need to get an original power of attorney from the leasing company. If there’s a lien on the vehicle or your car is leased, contact your lienholder or leasing company to notify them that Connecticut requires the original vehicle title to register a vehicle. If you can’t get your hands on the title, you can ask for a six-month registration known as a courtesy registration to give your lienholder or leasing company time to mail your original title to Connecticut DMV (only when there’s lien holder holding the original title).

In Connecticut, if you’re getting tags that were previously registered and titled with an immediate family member, the CT title must show ownership and release of all liens. You need to apply for a registration and title application. If the car is 20 years or older, you can use a Supplemental Assignment of Ownership form. You’re the “purchaser” and the family member is the “seller.” Family members include mother/father, souse or civil union partner, siblings and daughter/son.

You need a Connecticut car insurance and if you want to keep the same license plates, you need a permission letter from the immediate family member.

In the Constitution State, all registered vehicles must carry a minimum of liability insurance coverage. If your registration expired, you must have car insurance until you cancel your license plates. Your car will be subject to property tax assessment in the town of record until the registration is canceled. You can cancel tags online with the CT DMV. You’ll get a plate receipt which you’ll use to adjust your tax bill with your local Assessor’s Office.

The minimum auto insurance requirements in Connecticut include bodily injury and property damage insurance coverage:

  • $25,000 bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 property damage per accident