Moving to a different home can be exciting but still stress filled. Aside from all of the other things you must do, updating your address with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles is necessary to make certain documents like your license and registration match the updated address. All states require that you change your address within 10-30 days after you move.

Changing Your Address with the Florida DMV

The state of Florida offers multiple options to update your motor vehicle registration, driver license, or ID card with a new address if you have moved. Updating your motor vehicle registration can be done online through or at your local tax collector's office. To update the address information on your license or ID card, the process differs depending on the type of driver license you have and your citizenship status. For US citizens, updating your address information on your license or ID can be completed as follows:

Class E Licenses & IDs:
Online through
Or in person at a DMV office

Class A, B, or C Commercial Licenses:
Only in-Person applications are accepted
An appointment must be made<

Non U.S. citizens, like holders of commercial licenses, can only update the address information on their license or ID card by visiting a local DMV office. For non U.S. citizens, you are required to bring proof of legal presence which includes documents like a permanent resident card or employment authorization card. All Florida residents, Citizens or otherwise, with any type of license or ID card are required to obtain an updated license or ID card within 10 days of relocating and pay the replacement cost of $25.

New Home, New Life, New Auto Insurance

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