Motorcycle Registration Renewal

Motorcycle Registration Renewal Through eTags

If you want to renew your motorcycle registration online, use the eTags engine and complete your renewal faster and without the headache of waiting in line at the DMV. With eTags, you get more than just a new plate sticker. You get a printable digital copy available immediately after your order is processed, dedicated support from our Customer Care team and much more. Whether you are a cruiser or adventure rider, let us do the work of getting your motorcycle’s registration renewal fees paid so that you can focus on the ride.

Why Should You Choose eTags?

The requirements for motorcycle registration renewal vary by state as do the fees and the renewal options available. At eTags, we believe the process shouldn’t be complicated, stressful, or time-consuming. That’s why when you renew online with eTags, you can:
Avoid DMV lines
Renew from any device
Get dedicated support

Registration Renewal Tips

Most states do their best to make these types of necessary processes as easy for their residents as possible. Unfortunately, with the sheer number of people and different types of motor vehicle related services, fully assisting everyone in a timely manner regarding any issues that may arise becomes difficult. Here are a few tips so that you can make sure that your registration renewal process goes smoothly each year.

Your license

If your license or that of other registered owners is suspended or expired, your request to renew your motorcycle’s registration may be denied. When the expiration date is close, having to resolve an issue like this may cause you to miss your deadline and pay additional fees.


Tickets & Tolls

If you have unpaid tickets or tolls, you may be required to pay them before completing your motorcycle’s registration renewal. It may take a day or more after payment is made for the DMVs system to be updated. Make sure to check your plate number days in advance of the tag expiration.


Renew on Time

In order to avoid late fees and a ticket if you get stopped, pay the cost of your motorcycle’s registration before it expires. States have different grace periods for when this can be done with some allowing renewal up to 3 months in advance and others only 30 days in advance.


Be Prepared

Whether you renew online, by mail, or in person, have the necessary information and documentation available to avoid getting your request delayed. You will likely need your motorcycle registration plate number and insurance information if insurance is required in your state.