Relocating to a different place can be both thrilling and stress filled. In addition to all of the other things you will have to do, changing your address with the Vermont DMV is necessary to be sure record information for things like your license and registration are current. In Vermont, statue 205 (Notification of change of name or address) dictates that the Commissioner's office must be notified of an address change within 30 days.

Most states offer 2 or 3 options for their residents to update their license or ID address information but Vermont goes beyond the common selections. In addition to offering the option to make updates online, by mail, or in person, there are DMV Kiosks available in several locations. Below, you will find all the available options to change your driver's license address in Vermont:

At a VT DMV Kiosk
Kiosks are available in the Bennington, South Burlington, Montepelier, Newport, Rutland, and Springfield locations.
Online with VT's DMVExpress service
Enter your license or ID number. Using your plate number will not provide you the option for an address change.
By mail using this form
Mail your completed for to Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles, 120 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05603
In person at a DMV office
Print the same form linked above, fill it out, and bring it with you to an office near you.

Vermont DMV Address Change Considerations

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