Moving is not easy. Some may find the change exciting but most just find the process exhausting. Luckily when it comes to updating your driver license address information, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation provides several options for their residents. Please keep in mind that most states require that you notify the proper agencies of an address change within 10-60 days of moving.

PennDOT Driver's License Address Changes

The state of Pennsylvania's DOT provides 3 ways for residents to update the address information for their license or ID. There are some restrictions based on the type of license you hold and the status of it. To complete a PA driver's license address change:

Use the online transaction system provided by PennDOT
Or print the appropriate form for your type of license:
Commercial Driver's License
Non-Commercial Driver's License
Photo ID Card
Learner's Permit
And mail to Bureau of Driver Licensing, P.O. Box 68272, Harrisburg, PA 17106-8272
Or turn in the form at your nearest Driver's License Center

If you would like to complete the request online, you cannot hold a CDL (commercial driver's license), an invalid license of any type, or be making a request to update an address out of state.

Finding Savings During an Expensive Move

When you move, costs can add up from setting up new utilities like water, electricity, and internet, to movers fees. Now is a good time to take a look at new automobile insurance costs to see if you can save money and put a little more back in your pocket after your move. Use the zip code box above to obtain your personalized, complimentary auto insurance quotes. If you decide to stay with your current car insrance company, be sure to notify your agent of your address change. We are also eager to be of more assistance to you before, during, and after your move, so feel free to check our list of other organizations and agencies you may need to contact to change your address.