Updating your address with Oregon's Driver and Motor Vehicle Division is an important thing to remember to do in addition to everything else you have to take care if you have or are planning to move. In Oregon, you must notify the DMVD of your address change within 30 days.

Change of Mailing and Residence Address in Oregon

In Oregon, you can choose to update just your mailing address or just your residential address or both, if they differ. The options and process vary depending on whether you are updating the address for your personal record or a business record. When you update the address information for an individual, you have the following options:

Use the online system provided by the state
Complete in person at a local DMV office
Send by mail with this notice to
Oregon Department of Transportation
DMV Services
1905 Lana Ave NE
Salem, OR 97314

For holders a a commercial driver's license or those changing a business address, you must mail a notification to the same address listed above (ATTN DMV Customer Database Unit) with your previous and new address and your signature. You can also fax the notification to (503) 947-4007.

Additional Considerations for Address Changes

Don/t forget to contact your insurance provider so that they can record your new address in their system. Now is also a great time to review updated automobile insurance costs to see if you can save more with a different auto insurance provider. Use the zip code box above to receive your individualized auto insurance quotes. You can also view additional tips and information here regarding other agencies to contact when you have moved and need to change your address.