Changing your address with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles is important to make certain documents like your license and registration show the updated information. All states expect that you update your address soon after you move.

Completing an Ohio Driver's License Address Change

The state of Ohio offers 3 options to their residents so that they can conveniently change driver's license address information in the BMV database. To do so, you can:

Go online to the ODPS BMV site and enter your information
Complete the address change by mail with this form
Or complete the address change in person at an office

Car Insurance Information for Ohio Residents

Whether you are new to the state or have lived their for years, now is a good time to check out new auto insurance rates to see if you could save up to $498 a year. You may even find that other providers may offer better coverage for less. Use the zip code box above to receive your complimentary auto insurance estimate. Also, you can check out additional tips and information on this page regarding other types of organizations to contact when you have relocated and have to change your address.