In addition to all the other things you have to do, updating your address with the New York Department of Motor Vehicles is required within 10 days of moving. State IDs, driver's licenses, and registration cards are important documents that should reflect your proper address information as soon as possible. Notifications, like those mailed out when it is time to renew your registration or license, would not otherwise be received if address information is not updated in the state's database.

Changing the Address on Your New York License

Unlike many other states which only offer two or three options for updating address information, New York offers four different ways! Residents are conveniently provided the following options:

ONLINE with your MyDMV account
If you don't have an account, you can set one up using your name, license, ID or permit number, and social security number
OVER THE PHONE by calling a DMV call center
When on the phone with e DMV representative, you will be required to prove your identity so have your license, ID, or permit ready
IN PERSON by visiting your nearest DMV office
You must take a completed address change form and proof of identity with you.
BY Mail with the address change form
Mail to: NYS DMV License Production Bureau, PO Box 2895, Albany, NY 12220-0895

New York residents are encouraged to complete their DMV address change request online or by mail to avoid wait times over the phone or in person.

Vehicle Owner's in New York

The state offers all the same options to update the address information for your vehicle's registration and title documents. You are not required to have the same address on your vehicle registration and your license although the state does recommendthat they match for the purposes of assuring that important information is received by mail like license and registration renewal notices. You are, however, required to have the same address listed on your registration and your insurance information. In regards to your insurance, you must contact your provider as well to inform them of your address change. If you have moved, it is a good time to compare automobile insurance costs to see if you can save and even get better coverage with a different provider. Use the zip code box above to obtain your customized and complimentary auto insurance quotes.

We hope you have found this resource useful. You can view additional tips and information here regarding other agencies to contact when you have moved and need to change your address.