Moving to a different place can be both thrilling as well as hectic. Updating your address information with the Motor Vehicle Commission of New Jersey is important. Your license and registration information stored in the state's database must reflect the address change shortly after you move.

New Jersey MVC Address Change In State and Out of State

Existing NJ residents can quickly and easily update their address information online using the MyMVC portal. Existing resident of New Jersey can also make the change over the phone by calling (888) 486-3339 or in person at a MVC agency. Those who are moving from another state to New Jersey, are required to transfer their out of state license within 60 days IN PERSON by visiting a the nearest MVC office. Unlike existing residents who are not required to obtain a duplicate license, new residents of NJ are required to surrender their out of state license and will be provided a new license authorized by the state. Luckily though, new comers to the state who have a non-provisional license and are over the age of 18 are not required to take any tests or courses to obtain an NJ driver's license.

We know moving can be stressful and it is easy to forget things. That is why we have compiled a short list of other important agencies, departments, and companies to contact when you have moved. Visit our DMV Address Change page for more information. We have also partnered with leading insurances providers to help New Jersey residents compare quotes. Comparing costs and coverage can not only save you over $498 a year, but you could also walk away with higher quality, more comprehensive coverage. Use the postal code box above to receive your customized, free auto insurance quotes.