Moving to a new home can be exciting as well as hectic. In addition to all the other things you need to do, up-dating your address with the Nevada DMV is very important to make certain legal documents like your license and registration reflect the updated address. The state of Nevada requires that residents who have changed their address notify the Department of Motor Vehicles within 30 days of moving.

Options for Changing Your Drivers License Address in Nevada

The state of Nevada offers 4 convenient options for those looking to update information on their driver's license including online, by mail, via fax, or in person at your nearest DMV location.

Online, go to MyDMV
Mail or Fax, use this form
In person, visit a local DMV office

If you have a commercial driver's license, you must complete the address change in person. For whichever option you choose, a $3.25 fee is required for ID cards or licenses. Additionally, you will need to be prepared with the proper information and documentation like your driver's license or ID card number, new and old mailing or residential address, and more.

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