Although moving can be exiciting to many, it's stressful and tiring to most. Aside from all of the other things you have to do, up-dating your address with the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles is necessary. Each state mandates that you change your address inside a short time period shortly after you move and residents of Nebraska must do so within 60 days of the change.

While not all states require that you obtain a new physical copy with the updated address, the state of Nebraska does require that their residents do so in addition to updating the information in their database. This must be done in person at a County Motor Vehicle Office and you are required to bring the following:

A completed Operators License ID form
Two forms of proof of address
Payment of the appropriate license replacement fee

If you need to contact the DMV with questions regarding your driver's license, permit, or ID change and replacement, you can reach them by email through their online contact form or by calling (402) 471-3861.

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