In addition to all the other types of things you have to do, updating your address with the Missouri Department of Revenue is important to make sure documents like your license and registration are updated accordingly. All states expect that you update your address shortly after you move.

Options for Missouri Driver License Address Change

The state of Missouri offers two convenient options for residents looking to change the address on their driver's license, vehicle registration, or income tax.

Change your address online by providing your:
First, last, and middle name (if applicable)
Last four of your social security number
Contact phone number
e-mail address (optional)
Street address, city, state, zip, and county of your old address
Street address, city, state, zip, and county of your new address
By mailing this form to:
Missouri Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 100
Jefferson City, MO 65105-0100

In addition to updating your address with the state, be sure to also contact your auto insurance provider to update your mailing information with them. You should also consider comparing quotes between new insurance providers before contacting your existing company. Use the zip code box above to obtain your individualized, free auto insurance estimate. Additionally, you can read more tips and information regarding other agencies to contact when you have moved and need to change your address.