Moving to a new area can be exciting BUT very stressful. Aside from all of the other things you will have to do, up-dating your address with the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles is necessary to make certain documents such as your license and registration reflect the updated information. All states require that you update your address within a short time period just after you move. This grace period can extend anywhere from 10-60 days depending on the state.

Louisiana Drivers License Address Change Process

The state of Louisiana offers their residents a convenient online option to renew their registration and license online through their OMV ExpressLane portal. Unfortunately though, if the information on these documents changes, requests must be submitted in person. This would be the case with driver's license address changes. In order to update your address information for your license, ID card, or registration, you must visit a local OMV office and provide the proper proof of identity documents.

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