Moving to a different area can be both stressful and exciting. Aside from all the other things you will have to do, up-dating your address with a local Kentucky County Clerk office is important to be sure legal documents like your license and registration reflect the updated information. The state of Kentucky requires that residents update their address information within 10 days of moving and that a duplicate license reflecting the new address information is obtained.

Updating Your License with the Kentucky DoF

In order to change the address information on your license or ID and obtain an updated copy, you must visit your local Circuit Court Clerk office. They will require proof of residency which includes documents like a utility bill or agreement, mortgage documents or a rental housing agreement, postmarked letter with driver's name and current address, deed or property tax bill. To find a County Circuit Court Clerk near you, click here. At the moment, online or mail requests to change address information on license or ID cards on not available in Kentucky.

Saving on Your Car Insurance When You Move

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