In addition to all the other types of things you have to do, changing your address with the state's governing body for motor vehicle related services is important to make certain documents like your license and registration show the updated information. According to Illinois Vehicle Code, Sec. 3-416, 6-116 and 6-511, all drivers must notify the Illinois Secretary of State's office of their change of address within 10 days of moving.

Updating your address in the state's database ensures that you will receive your notices and other state motor vehicle related mail at the correct address. Holders of Class D Licenses are not required to obtain an updated hard copy reflecting their new address but holders of commercial driver licenses are. To update the address information, you must either go to a Secretary of State facility near you or submit the form online by selecting the appropriate option at the bottom of this page. You must do the online submission twice: once for your license or ID and once for your vehicle registration if you have one.

Special Considerations for Illinois Address Changes

You will need to use a different online form for address changes if:

You are changing your address to an out of state location
You have only a P.O. Box legal address in a city with fewer than 3,500 residents
Your assigned post office as an Illinois resident is in a bordering state.

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