Connecticut law requires all Connecticut residents with a vehicle registration, driver's license, or non-driver identification card to notify the DMV within 48 hours of any change of address. When you move, you have plenty of things to do but this should be at the top of your list.

What to do:

Print out and complete a Connecticut DMV Change of Address form
Sign the form (Will not be accepted unless it is signed)
Return the completed form to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Attn: Data Entry Change of Address Unit
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161-5070

This same form and mailing address can be used to update or change your donor status

In Connecticut, you are required to show your updated address information on your license. Instead of requiring residents to pay for a duplicate, the state provides an address label (sticker) to place on the back of your existing license or ID card. You can pick this up at any Police Department or you can call the DMV phone center to request the change of address form and label. If you are within the Hartford area or outside of CT, dial 860-263-5700 or, if you are in any other area of Connecticut outside of Hartford, dial 800-842-8222. Once you have updated your address in the state's database, you are only required to cross out and write your new address on your vehicle registration certificate.

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