When you are getting ready to move, there are a lot more things to do than just shuffle furniture around. One thing that should be at he top of each mover's mind is the requirement to update your address with the California Department of Motor Vehicles to make certain documents like your license and registration show the updated information. All states expect that you update your address soon after you move and failing to do so can result in penalty fees being assessed.

Using the California DMV Change of Address (COA) System is simple.

You can change your mailing address for your California Driver License, Identification Card, vehicle or vessel registration all through the same page. It should be noted though that updating the information in their system does automatically trigger the state to send a new driver license, identification card or registration card. Copies will need to be ordered and paid for. Some additional things to consider as outlined by the state:

Temporary mailing addresses are not allowed.
You must have a License or ID card issued by the state of California
You must have a social security number
You cannot have an Army or fleet post office address
Your mailing address cannot be from a location outside of the US
If you have a CA CDL, it must have a California address
You must have your last issued vehicle or vessel registration card

Information for California Registered Voters

If you are a registered voter, you must update your voter registration as well. You may authorize the DMV to notify the Secretary of State of a voter change of address. If you move to another county or are not registered to vote, you must complete a voter registration application. The voter registration application can be completed online or downloaded at RegisterToVote.ca.gov

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