Relocating to a different area can be simultaneously demanding and exciting. In addition to all of the other things you have to do, updating your address with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division is necessary to make certain legal documents like your license and registration match the updated address. All states require that you change your address inside a short time period once you relocate and Arizona residents must do so within 10 days.

The state of Arizona has made DMV address changes simple to complete. You will be required to provide the following information:

Name and Birthday
Drivers License or ID number
Your new address information

Additionally, you will be asked to:

Verify your address/email
View and print/email confirmation
Request driver license or identification card (optional)
Provide feedback(optional)

Although changing your address in the MVD database is free, there is a charge for a driver license or identification card copy listing the new address. Here's a helpful link to get you connected with the Arizona DMV online portal for address changes. The online address change system conducts regular maintenance every day for 20 minutes between 11:50pm and 12:10am as well as a 2 hour maintenance period every Sunday from midnight to 2:00am. Transactions to request an address change or email update cannot be done during those times.

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